Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where to find Dog Collars that Won't Break!

hi all!!! Are you tired of worrying about your dog breaking his collar as you walk him down the street? How about your leashes snapping to pieces!

Picture of an American Bulldog

I have American Artisan Handmade Durable Double Ply Double Stitched and Bonded Dog Collars & Leashes That Can Put an End to All Your Worries. My family have been breeding American Bulldogs since the 80's & Oldies since the 90's.

Picture of an Olde English Bulldogge

By purchasing a collar from me, you definitely get the quality you deserve for your hard earned money. Plus you give your dog the presence it deserves with a glove fitting collar. This leather making technique has been passed down from generation to generation.

Only bridle leather is used and high end quality stainless steel hardware and copper riveting in key pressure areas. This type of leather has been featured on the best working dogs out there. Gladiator Dogs by Carl Semenic features these old school collars.

Come by my store and check them out!

Black Leather 3 inch wide Dog Collars

Brown Leather 2 inch wide Dog Collars

Black Leather 1 inch wide Dog Collars

Prices start at $55.00 for 2 inch wide collars & 95 dollars for 3 inch wide collars! Traditional Black & Brown Colors & custom fittings are available! Fast shipping guaranteed! International customers welcome!
I stand behind my product! I use them on my dogs, and I invite you to share in my experience! You will definitely not be disappointed! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Documenting my American Bulldogs & Olde English Bulldogges

hi everyone! I love American Bulldogs and Olde English Bulldogges!! Some people wake up, dread going to work, hitting that traffic jam, waiting in that endless coffee line...but me???!!! NO WAY!!! I was blessed to be able to walk out to my coach house & do my family job! When I wake up in the morning I am greeted by my doggie yard! I take care of them and work them all day! Nothing puts a smile on my face more than seeing my dogs do agitation and protection work! That is what a Working Breed Dog is for!

There are a lot of people out there who don't know what a true American Bulldog is! or even what an Olde English Bulldogge is! Not to mention several people do not know how many different types of dog breeds in general there really are out there, and how truly lovable bully breeds are!

Wherever I go, I take my dog!

Picture of Olde English Bulldogge

This blog will not only document my doggie mama days, but also educate and enlighten you on the history of the traditional American Bulldog & Olde English Bulldogge. The way dogs are meant to be made!